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The Project

We're living in the future of work...but oddly it looks a lot like the work we knew in 2019. Open360™ is a feedback system that's here to change that. Open360™ is an alternative to the traditional 360 review process. The tool puts people first, giving them the opportunity to give and receive feedback on an ongoing basis so they can develop as leaders and their organization can grow.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Website Design

The Strategy

The team at Strange Salt worked to research the existing 360 review process industry, discovering that many existing products were stale and faceless. The existing space targets corporations and puts an organization's people second...if prioritizing them at all. When they zig, Open360™ zags. The brand is positioned as a human-centered alternative to the existing 360 Review process. The product is made for progressive organizations looking to build a positive future of work.

The Design

Designer Sara Strese used the brand strategy and positioning to develop a brand that looks incredibly human, even when a user interacts with the business in the digital space. Using custom textures, fluid shapes, and a a warm color palette, Open360™'s brand feels like an old friend—one you're comfortable talking to and sharing feedback with. The brand came to life in the form of a website, merchandise design, and more.

The Collective

Liz Talago

Content Strategist

Sara Strese

Brand + Website Designer

Jamie Cox


More Work