A Brand for the Future of Work

We're living in the future of work...but oddly it looks a lot like the work we knew in 2019.

Open360™ is 360 feedback tool that's here to change that. An alternative to the traditional 360 review process, the tool puts people first, giving them the opportunity to give and receive feedback on an ongoing basis so they can develop as leaders and their organization can grow.

the problem

Building a brand for a 0-1 product

The Open360™ team came to Strange Salt looking for a partner to help them build a brand that would disrupt the traditional profit-over-people approach to the annual review process many organziations have come to adopt. The catch? Their product was evolving and they weren’t sure where to begin. Their founding team knew they needed to market and sell their product, but also knew that without clarity around what the product was and how they’d talk about it, they would struggle to build an MVP they could sell to customers.

the solution

A human-centered brand approach for a person-first product

Open360™ joined Strange Salt for a brand intensive that put the spotlight on tough questions they hadn’t thought to ask. Through the process, the team was able to gain alignment and understanding about what the product would be and what problems it would solve within an antiquated industry. They also clarified language that would and wouldn’t be used to describe their complex processes and gained a clear direction for next steps and priorities—conducting competitive analysis, creating audience personas, determining brand positioning, refining messaging, and designing a visual identity that aligned with the brand.

After the brand intensive the Strange Salt team dove into research mode—learning more about the existing 360 review process and what motivated corporations to use tools that are notoriously hated among employees. Key findings showed that while many existing competitiors claimed to put people first, their processes primarily benefited existing leaders and C-suite executives, leaving individual contributors feeling isolated and targeted when it came time for their annual review. With this in mind, Strange Salt worked to position Open360™ as a human-centered alternative to the existing 360 review process. We created audience personas to help the Open360™ team understand the types of organizations and decision-makers who would benefit from their product and be willing to explore and adopt new-to-market tools to build better structures for their employees and teams.

Strange Salt crafted messages that spoke to the audience’s painpoints and frustrations, priortizing empathetic communication above all else. The collective also worked to simplify the complex product into key benefits that customers would gravitate toward. 

Following our extensive brand and messaging strategy documentation, we created a human-first visual identity for a human-first company. Using custom textures, fluid shapes, and a warm color palette, the Open360™ visual identity feels like an old friend—one you’re comfortable opening up to and being vulnerable with. The brand came to life in the form of a new website, merchandise design, and more.

After many product iterations, Strange Salt again joined Open360™ to help them align their warm, welcoming messaging with traditionally stale instructional content. Strange Salt documented the products features and benefits and wrote email workflows to encourage product adaptation.

the collective
You gave us wings! You helped us create a message and strategy to share our offerings and market our product in the right space.
Collette Revere
Open360™ + 8Kind Co.

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