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Our strategic process empowers a curated creative team to craft a brand uniquely tailored to your business needs, positioning it for sustainability, growth, and influence.











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Bring perspective to your brand

Our proven strategic process puts collaboration and real-world perspective at the forefront of brand-building so businesses can challenge industry norms and redefine societal standards.


Brand Intensive

The brand insight intensive is the cornerstone of our methodology, helping you uncover and tell the stories that make your business stand out within the market.

Brand Strategy

We use audience and competitor research to craft brand documentation that helps you cut through the noise of disjointed and performative systems, revitalize outdated and inconsistent strategies, and align your entire team behind a core vision.

Brand Build

With a strong foundation, our team will build a stand-out brand that helps you make meaningful connections. Our services include visual identity design, website design and development, and content strategy and creation.
our founder

I’m building a better-for-you agency.

In 2020, at the height of a global pandemic, I was burned out and, like the rest of the world, absolutely losing it. I’d wake up and drink my coffee while I put on a fake happy face to report for my daily Zoom calls to show that yes, I really was working. I was the creative director at a marketing agency where I was overworked and underpaid.

But, it wasn’t just a global pandemic making me feel this way. You see, before 2018, I was on the other side of the table, hiring a marketing agency to build brand campaigns that were underworked and overpaid. My in-house team spent weeks and weeks with a large team at this agency, only to receive half-finished work that didn’t take us any further.

The traditional marketing agency model is broken—not just for the people within the agency—but for the people who hire them, too.

That’s why I built Strange Salt, a better-for-you-agency that promotes a collective model to help change-making companies connect with brand experts who help them go further. Using a network of top-tier talent with varying industry backgrounds, we curate a nimble team of professionals to help companies like yours tell the stories that matter. And, unlike other agencies, we don’t over-commit. We only say “yes” to the work that aligns with our ethos and values. And with Strange Salt, you won’t find any people-pleasing—we’re here to challenge you to think strategically and partner with you to help you solve your biggest brand problems.

I’d love to tell you more about Strange Salt, our team, and our experience. But even more, I’d love to hear your story. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email.

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Your questions, answered

We get it—we're strange. You may have some questions about how we work and if we're a great fit for you and your brand. Check out these frequently asked questions and if you don't find an answer, send us an email.

Strange Salt works just like a typical marketing agency, but better. Each of our clients begins with our brand-intensive process so we can identify the best solution for you and give you some clarity about your biggest opportunities along the way. You’ll get a proposal for everything you need, and nothing you don’t (we promise)! Send us an email to get started and we’ll schedule a free consultation.

Well, we hate to say it, but it depends! Our initial phase of work is a brand-intensive workshop that starts at $2,500.00. This intensive gives you clarity on the tools and tactics that you actually need to solve your biggest brand problems.

We have experience in a myriad of industries but prefer to work with B2C businesses in the mental and behavioral health industry, the future of work industry, and consumer package goods. Our clients are making significant changes and waves within their industries and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and address hard questions that may make other people uncomfortable. We don’t work with organizations that promote racist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, anti-science, or misogynistic ideology, clients who think AI is a good replacement for a creative freelancer, or clients who are looking for a cheap, fast, or one-size-fits-all solution.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but our work centers around strategic branding. We don’t take on one-off design or writing projects but instead, build a strategic approach that includes the deliverables you need, as identified in our brand intensive session.

We are not currently accepting new members. Check back here for updates and information.

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