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MindBar Founder, Hailey ONeil, launched her company in 2022 and made a splash in the mental health industry. As Hailey describes it, MindBar is Masterclass for Mental Health, giving users access to a variety of coaches and mental health professionals covering a range of topics and modalities. After launching her website and product in 2022, Hailey saw the need to elevate her brand, update her user experience, and give users a "wow!" experience.

the problem

A “wow” experience from web to app

Following the launch of MindBar’s MVP and the positive feedback it received, the company was looking to improve the overall user-experience tp drive more conversions and provide a “wow” experience that felt consistent, no matter where the user interacted with the brand. The existing visual brand elemnts were limited—featuring a word mark and color palette—and the new website was an opportunity for MindBar to make a splash in the mental health industry.

the solution

Visual branding beyond a logo

Strange Salt saw an immediate opportunity to expand MindBar's visual brand identity, incorporating illustrations to encompass the brand's ethos into its online presence. The brand uses custom illustrations for each MindBar class category and incorporates abstract imagery to bring life and consistency to teacher-supplied photography. The brand elements were built to be flexible and useable, setting hte client up to use them in print and digital marketing materials.

Following the visual brand updates, the Strange Salt team redesigned the MindBar website using an existing CMS framework built by Rashad Russel at Beyond Light Creations. The website offers a seamless and delightful user-experience, giving the user smooth transitions between website and web application. The website keeps conversions top-of-mind, making it easy for users to quickly sign up or get more information before commitment. 

the collective
Strange Salt was truly wonderful to work with and saved me so much trouble.
Hailey O'Neill

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