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The Project

Nashville Vocal Studio started in—you guessed it—Nashville, Tennessee over a decade ago. Though founder and owner Amber Mogg-Cathey started the business based on in-person lessons, she knew her digital presence and offerings were essential—even before the COVID-19 pandemic made online learning cool.

During the pandemic, Nashville Vocal Studio moved the majority of their lessons online and began offering asynchronous learning through paid memberships and courses. As the brand grew its digital footprint and reached a global audience, Amber and her team considered how they should pivot the brand to honor its Nashville roots while also leaning into its global reach. Mogg-Cathey worked with Strange Salt to refine language around her product offerings, size up the competition, develop audience personas, and create a comprehensive content marketing plan to better promote all of the organization's offerings.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Website Design

The Strategy

After developing audience personas and conducting extensive competitor research, the Strange Salt team positioned Nashville Vocal Studio as the source for quality vocal coaching and accessible learning. The brand is educational, accessible, fun, and empowering. The brand uses their philosophy—that your voice is your most personal and powerful tool—to offer personalized vocal lessons that focus on developing artists' personal styles. With this positioning in mind, Strange Salt created a custom blend of brand personas (The Creator and The Sage) to develop a brand voice and tone. Finally, the team identified content pillars for the brand to simplify content creation for Nashville Vocal Studio's small team.

To introduce the brand to new customers, Jamie Cox, brand strategist, and Lara Carvin, copywriter, created an extensive email welcome sequence in Kajabi that expresses the brand's philosophy and values to new customers.

The Design

With the new brand positioning and focus, Strange Salt recommended a brand and website redesign. The project was intended to re-introduce Nashville Vocal Studio as a world-class vocal studio for anyone in the world who was interested in sounding like a pro—whether they are one or not. Designer Sara Strese leaned into a mid-century design aesthetic and used versatile patterns to bring energy and movement to the brand. The website focuses on the three pillars of Nashville Vocal Studio's business—membership, voice lessons, and courses—so users can easily navigate the site and find the personalized service that fits their needs.

The Collective

Sara Strese

Brand + Website Designer

Jamie Cox


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