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About the Brand

Molly Rose Jewelry is a Nashville-based jewelry maker. The business has operated as a passion project for solopreneur and founder Molly Handler for many years. As Molly prepared to expand her collection and reach new audiences by selling wholesale at various storefronts, she looked to a collective of experts to help. After working with Rory Levine on brand positioning, the pair contacted brand designer Jamie Cox and calligrapher and designer Miranda Fuller to bring their vision to life.

Pulling inspiration from a previous logo rendition and Molly's artistic spirit, Miranda created a block print style logo featuring a rose, beads, and bracelet. The logo was then transformed into several variations to be used across digital and physical mediums.

Creative Direction

Brand Identity Design

Product Design

Brand Development

With packaging and many print materials on the horizon, Jamie created custom patterns using illustrated icons and logo elements. Molly's most iconic work features seed beads, often arranged in intricate patterns. Jamie arranged individual "beads" to create seed bead patterns to support print materials such as earring backs, business cards, and tissue paper.

The team worked together to identify marketing opportunities and needs. To expand Molly's online brand presence, Jamie created one-of-a-kind icon sets to tell the story behind Molly's business and artistic process. The hand-illustrated block-style icons represent Molly's process, like pliers or woven fabric, others showcase found objects such as teeth, screws, and bones that Molly uses in her collections.

Additional Design

Using the newly created brand assets, the team created patterns to be used across all print and digital mediums. These patterns resemble parts of Molly's collections—like intricate seed bead earrings and natural gemstones found in mines across the United States.

These assets were combined to create an extensive collection of packaging materials. Because Molly is a solo founder with a limited budget, the team created cost-effective solutions that allowed her to customize packaging as needed while keeping overhead costs low. Some items included custom-designed bandanas, stickers, tissue paper, and packaging tape.

The Collective

Jamie Cox


More Work