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The Project

MindBar Founder, Hailey ONeil, launched her company in 2022 and made a splash in the mental health industry! As Hailey describes it, MindBar is Masterclass for Mental Health, giving users access to a variety of coaches and mental health professionals covering a range of topics and modalities. After launching her website and product in 2022, Hailey saw the need to elevate her brand, update her user experience, and give users a "wow!" experience.

Website Design

Brand Design


The Process

Designer Kelsey Brasher saw a need to expand MindBar's visual brand identity, incorporating illustrations to encompass the brand's ethos into its online presence. Thanks to Rashad Russel at Beyond Light Creations, the team Strange Salt team had a functional framework to work from. Kelsey collaborated with Jamie Cox to manage the project, set goals, and create a user-friendly interface with conversions top-of-mind. Kelsey created brand illustrations for each MindBar class category and incorporated abstract imagery to bring life and consistency to teach-supplied photography.

The Collective

Jamie Cox


Kelsey Brasher

Graphic Designer

More Work