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The Project

Melanie Obitz-Bukartek is a writer, educator, and founder based in Bethany Beach, Delaware. While building her education technology startup, The Collegiate Writer, Melanie was interested in building her own personal brand. After undergoing brand strategy work to discover her position within the market, she hoped to build an online presence that would help her drive traffic to her many educational resources for small business owners.

Brand Identity


Website Design

The Design

Strange Salt members Jamie Cox, Sara Strese, and Emmy Singer were thrilled to get started on this project, beginning with building a simple but sophisticated brand that represented with Melanie's easy-going, laid-back approach to business ownership. Using information from the strategy process and by understanding her long term goals, the team was able to build a flexible design system that utilizes fluid shapes and bold iconography to represent new ideas and offerings.

The Website

Because Melanie's opportunities were truly endless—writing! hosting retreats! speaking!—the Strange Salt team built a website that highlighted her vast experience and shared her brand ethos—that business owners already have everything they need to succeed. The fun, friendly copywriting allows Melanie's bubbly personality to shine.The flexible functionality gives her ample opportunity for growth and change as new speaking and writing opportunities arise. Check out her latest piece in Huffington Post!

The Collective

Sara Strese

Brand + Website Designer

Emmy Singer

Brand Strategist & Copywriter

Jamie Cox


More Work