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About the Brand

Host & Toast Luxury Concierge is a travel concierge service in Nashville, TN. The brand, created by Anne Elizabeth McIntosh in 2020, had positioned itself to locals as a charcuterie board curator offering custom charcuterie boards to the Nashville area. Feeling pigeon-holed and interested in exploring the travel and tourism space, McIntosh sought to position Host & Toast as a luxury travel concierge and high-end event planner, offering  travel services and one-of-a-kind experiences for visitors to Nashville and locals alike.

Brand Positioning

Content Strategy

Messaging Strategy

Memories Are All the Matter

We worked with Host & Toast to understand their target audience and determine messaging that would connect with them. Understanding that the audience were busy professionals—often entrepreneurs or business owners—who wanted everything handled so they could relax with the people they love, we created Host & Toast's Brand Why: Memories are all that matter.

Following the in-depth messaging strategy, we created a content playbook, helping Host & Toast understand where their audience spends time and where they can reach them. We provided Host & Toast with a step-by-step guide for creating content that inspired visitors and expressed McIntosh's experience and professionalism.

The Collective

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