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The Project

8Kind Co. founder Collette Revere is making human resources more human. From building better feedback processes to developing human-centered leaders, her company, 8Kind Co. is at the forefront of organizational change management. After building the Open360 concept, Collette and her team saw an opportunity to expand their services into organizational consulting. However, the company's name, Powerhouse Group, didn't speak to the brand's values and ethos. With the intention of building a brand that felt positive and inclusive, Strange Salt renamed the organization, designed the new brand, and built the company's website.


Brand Identity

Web Design

The Name

Strange Salt members Jamie Cox and Sara Strese set up to develop a fun and friendly company name that still felt professional. The company values ongoing growth and feedback. The number 8 symbolizes change and transformation and also acts as an infinity symbol to represent continuity. Building from that idea, the team added the addition of "kind," considering that honesty and feedback is a form of kindness.

The Brand

Following naming, the team developed a holistic brand system that allows the team to create stunning visuals that feel warm and welcoming. The brand came to life with a mix of bright colors and neutral tones, fluid icons and symbols, and light-hearted, growth-focused language. The brand serves as a parent company to the flagship Open360™ product and fits hand-in-hand with the product's brand identity.

The Collective

Sara Strese

Brand + Website Designer

Jamie Cox


More Work