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Jamie Cox

Why You Should Create an Email Welcome Sequence

May 19, 2023
Written By:
Jamie Cox

As a small business owner, you probably celebrate each time someone joins your mailing list. After all, it's a big deal! You've opened direct communication with one of your potential customers. No mysterious algorithms can interfere with your ability to reach them. Think about it—they permitted you to contact them via the sacred place that their mom still sends them weird and obscure chain letters.

Now's your time to shine by sliding into their inbox. Not a month from now when your next newsletter hits inboxes, but right now. If you wait a month (or even a week!) to reach out to them, you've missed your window opportunity. Here are three reasons why you should create an email welcome sequence to reach your audience now.

Want to see our welcome sequence?

You Already Have Their Attention

Consider your email list to be a captive audience. As soon as they sign up to receive your emails, they should receive an automated welcome email. This will let them know that you’re happy they've joined the list. Maybe it even includes a celebratory gif in their honor. Use this opportunity to set the stage for your brand and showcase your voice and even your sense of humor. Let your new email subscriber know what they can expect from you. Will they get offers and discounts? Maybe new resources as you release them? By setting the expectation here, they can be prepared and on the look out for new communication from you and your team.

You can also use this opportunity to give an overview of your brand. If you're a product-based business, introduce them to your best-sellers and sprinkle in a few reviews while you're at it. Use the following emails within the sequence to share your story, values, and make them feel connected to you and your business.

You Can Create an Instant Connection

Put yourself in your consumers' shoes. They've signed up for your newsletter and are anxiously awaiting the news and offers you'll share. However, you, as a busy business owner, offer them radio silence and just hit them up when you have a sale. Chances are, they’ve already found another way to get what you’re offering, and likely from a competitor with a great welcome sequence in place.

With an automated welcome sequence, you can make an immediate connection with your audience at the right time—when they’re looking for you and curious about what you do.

You can also use this opportunity to open the lines of communication for your brand. Drop your social handles in a welcome sequence and include an email address where they can reach you with questions.

They’re Looking for Your Product

The people who signed up to receive your newsletter want to hear from you. They’re expecting to hear from you. So answer their call.

Have a great product you want to share? Thank them for signing up (and entice them to buy) with a 10% off or free shipping coupon. Offering a service to your audience? Send them a free download to a resource they’ll love.

Entice them to sign up for your newsletter by promoting those offers. By growing your email list, you’ll build a loyal customer base to who you have immediate access.

…And Remember

First impressions are everything (yes, even in this digital age). Make sure your email is professionally designed and optimized for mobile devices. Check, re-check, and triple-check your links to ensure they lead to the correct place and offers. Most importantly, make sure your email follows all compliance laws and includes a quick and easy way for customers to opt out.

Whether you use your onboarding sequence to give a quick thank you or a huge discount, you can seize this opportunity to make a long-lasting connection with your consumers.

A version of this post was initially published by Jamie Cox on her website.

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Written By

Jamie Cox

Jamie is a brand strategist and designer based in Nashville, TN. She founded Strange Salt in 2021 as a way to bring the creative powerhouses in her life together to create amazing things.

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